We focus on bringing you rare, high quality products and services, straight from Japan – focused around the areas where we all dwell most of the time: the house and the garden. Creatively designed, carefully constructed, delivered on demand and according to your wishes. Our Japanese gardens have been established and flourish all over the world. Our Japanese houses and buildings embellish areas and lives in Japan and the Netherlands. And elements such as tsukubai, stepping stones, or sculptures are used by many across the globe.

Again for you, it opens sheer limitless possibilities as regards design and construction of

And beyond this, Shofukan Projects offers you these unique products:

  • traditional Japanese interiors (private or business)
  • traditional Japanese baths
  • green garden and stepping stones from Shikoku
  • ishidoro (stone lanterns)
  • tsukubai (water basins)
  • pavements
  • fences and gates