Culture, art, and design from Japan have been fascinating to thousands of people all over the world for centuries. Few, however, are lucky enough to live in Japan – even for a short period of time -, to enhance their lives with authentic things Japanese at home, or to learn a traditional Japanese art or craft from the inside. We at Shofukan Projects are thrilled by Japanese aesthetics, too. And we intend to deliver it right to your front door. We focus on bringing you rare, high quality products and services, straight from Japan – focused around the areas where we all dwell most of the time: the house and the garden. Creatively designed, carefully constructed, and swiftly delivered on demand and according to your wishes. Are you ready to change the quality of your life for good?

For 10 years now, people have been visiting our Shofukan – the Japanese cultural centre in Rotterdam (the Netherlands) – to experience and practice the most important disciplines in traditional Japanese culture, and to get inspired by an authentic Japanese environment and vibe in the process. Now, we think it is time to bring this environment and vibe to you – wherever you live or work. On this web site, Shofukan Projects presents to you its unique co-operation with (landscape) architect and artist Kees Ouwens (Japan/Mexico) and Chiba Mokuten (Ehime, Shikoku). Again for you, it opens sheer limitless possibilities as regards design and construction of

And beyond this, Shofukan Projects offers you these unique products:

  • traditional Japanese interiors (private or business)
  • traditional Japanese baths
  • green garden and stepping stones from Shikoku
  • ishidoro (stone lanterns)
  • tsukubai (water basins)
  • pavements
  • fences and gates

If you accept our challenge to bring an authentic piece of Japan to your living and/or working environment, Shofukan Projects is your partner from design to implementation. Evidently, this requires good thinking and – in most cases – a reasonable investment, but our services and products are guaranteed to add priceless value to your way of living. Follow the links above or our menu on top to see for yourself and explore how we could make this work for you!